Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Kilted Marathon / Little Rock Marathon 2011

Little Rock Marathon report and review of my first marathon with my Sports Kilt.

Woke up early to see the walkers off for the marathon, it was fun to watch them from our hotel room.  Putting on my new kilt for the marathon was a great experience and something that will stay with me for quite awhile.

Side Note: My two words of advice for those of you looking to buy a kilt to run in, SIZE CHART.  I had to have mine altered, but the cost wasn't too bad, and I am happy with the results.

It was great to pose for some pre-race photos, even more fun was just waiting in the hotel lobby and getting all of the looks and smiles. I am a little doubtful that they get many kilted men out and about in Little Rock Arkansas in the Sunday wee morning hours. The breezes walking to the starting line did make me hold down the kilt rather than let out the secret that I was not running as a true Scotsman (I had on compression shorts underneath).

The race was great, I can't say enough about the crowd support through out the race. I will always remember my first true "I love your kilt!" shout out, a special thank you to the woman stopped in traffic hanging out of car window to give it to me.

Because the kilt was Velcro adjustable, it was really nice to move it slightly up and down for comforts sake throughout the race. And I must say though I really didn't need it I REALLY REALLY love my Nathan's backpack! So comfortable, a lot of utility, no chaffing, I don't plan on running any log runs without it.

Well here is to another marathon/state being done, a new PR and my first of many races run in my Sport Kilt.

Thank you Little Rock Marathon, it was great!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Great first post!

  2. ~GREAT blog Kilted Runner~! And, although I HATE running skirts, you look mighty hardcore in that Kilt!

  3. I think it's AWESOME you run in a kilt! I'll be looking for you at ANY and ALL events I'm part of now:)

  4. On June 23, 2012 ... we will attempt to break our own Guinness World Record (set in 2010, with 1,089 kilted runners). For more information see

    Never run in a kilt alone again - come run the worlds largest kilt run - Perth Kilt Run!

  5. Did you run in the hiking kilt or the 'original' sport kilt? Thanks